Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Emma!

Happy 9 months!

I'm usually the one behind the camera and hardly have any pics together, so I couldn't help but use this photo taken by my friend Ez today (she's visiting this week! Thanks Ez!)

The bean's cuteness levels have been out of control this week - it's like she's had a major developmental growth spurt. She's been imitating us, playing games (e.g. coughing, drop the sippy cup/mommy picks it up), making new sounds, clapping and singing (using baby words) along with her daddy in the mornings. I think we've just entered the "fun" stage!

Update: Sad to say but I think she's officially too tall for her little blue plastic tub. I've been holding off on giving her a bath in the big tub (we're still in the kitchen sink) but it looks like I can't make any more excuses, it's time to move her into the bathtub. Eeeeck! She's still eating my homemade purees but no longer hates fruits. In fact, she now loves fruits and will only eat the veggies if I lace it with a little bit of fruit. Pears, Prunes and Mangos are her top faves. She also looooves cheese. Devon Cheddar to be exact! She's down to one nap a day (2-3 hour afternoon nap), sometimes she'll take a morning nap but that's been happening less and less. She's perfected the backwards crawl but she seems to be in no rush to go forwards. Jonathan and I both think she'll probably talk before she walks!


mjb said...

It's so fun to watch them grow, isn't it! Our little guy would love to walk before he can crawl, but I don't know if he'll do that or not :)

Ez said...

Yay! Happy 9th month Emma! Now I actually know from personal experience that you ARE the most adorable and best behaved baby ever! I had such a blast with you guys! I miss you all wasn't the same waking up today without being serenaded by the Little or a rendition of Peekaboo Pup. :-(
xox Ez