Monday, April 25, 2011

Brunch and more plants!

sunday brunch

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

These pics of our table were taken yesterday before we chowed down on yummy Hillsy bread, eggs, bacon, sausages, fruits, yogurt & granola, cheeses... washed down with a little Mango nectar Prosecco drinkie (Hillsy's 2nd contribution). We had a few friends over from the city to visit the little one - thanks for coming out guys! This brunch menu is definitely my favorite meal to prepare when it comes to hosting, I just hope nobody gets too sick of it. It's simple and I don't end up getting stuck in the kitchen or constantly getting up while everyone else eats.

sunday brunch

more plants

OOoh guess what? I now own a total of 6 houseplants!! I bought a jade plant the week before and since I managed to keep it alive, I decided to be cocky and bought three more plants. Aren't those white pots sooo pretty? I spotted them on the IKEA website a couple of weeks ago and immediately had to run out and buy some.

PS. Thanks again for the beautiful tulips Jennifer. They were the perfect centerpiece for my table yesterday!


Anonymous said...

Looks nummy! I don't think people can get sick of nummy. So you're in the clear!

jennifer said...

They look so pretty with your brunch spread!

Karen said...

LOVE the tulips...i've been getting them for the house for the past month...they always last so much longer than any other flower :-)

Jasmine said...

woww.. those house plant pots are amazing! I want some ... plants and those pots :)


melissa loves said...

So, so pretty hunnie....your house looks just gorgeous and that brunch? Divine...I can just tell. :)
ps 2 more days! Yippee!

Laura said...

Okay, I've had a little mental list running of things I want from Ikea, and I think those flower pots were the tipping point! So pretty! And brunch sounds so good you're making me crave brekkie for dinner :) xo Laura

Care said...

we had such a nice time with you guys Marichelle! I have pictures to send, too (Alex insisted I take some too of the brunch table so we could take notes of how to do the perfect brunch and table ourselves one day!)
Most of all, Emma was somehow even more adorable in person as she is in pictures. So great to finally meet her.

thanks for everything.