Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chocolate Mini Cakes

chocolate cake minis


I called my mother-in-law the other day and she was in the middle of baking a chocolate cake - that's all it took to inspire me. Ten minutes later I had the recipe in my inbox and I was in the kitchen making a mess. Unfortunately my spring pans are 9" so the cake turned out a little thin so I decided to cut out smaller circles and made little chocolate cake sandwiches. I modified these (1, 2) recipes for the filling/frosting.


Ez said...

Oh man! These look too yummy. What did you sprinkle on top of them in your bottom photo? Looks like cinnamon sugar or cake crumbs. Either would be tasty. :-) xo Ez

Chris and Kay said...

The mini cakes look good,hope they tasted the same,you are so good at improvising,x

Karen said...

yumm...these look like those hostess cakes...forgot what they're called..also reminds me of those hot dog cake things...forgot what those were called too :-/