Friday, February 11, 2011

New Shoes + Happy Dance

Emma's new shoes

new leggings + shoes

I know they outgrow shoes at an insane rate but these Kina booties were just sooo cute on Max that I just had to buy a pair for miss Ems. I love them, they look so comfy and warm.

Now here's the reason for the happy dance...
I can't believe it, I finally got into my favorite (pre-pregnancy) pair of jeans last night. Woot woot! I attribute the weight loss to full-time breastfeeding and to incorporating a crap load of vegetables into my daily diet, coz lord knows I haven't been exercising as much as I should be.
See, it's not all complaints here :)

PS. The amazing leggings were purchased from eBay (do a search for "baby leggings"). I spotted them on Kerry's beautiful blog via bloesem kids (an equally beautiful blog).


Ez said...

Okay...SO cute! And woot woot! Go hot mama in your skinny jeans (now I'm jealous)! xo Ez

Zandra said...

Love those legs!!!! She is way too cute :) BTW, congrats!!
You look fab, hot mama:)

m+k said...

okay, I am dying from cuteness at this moment. these are going on my save list for my upcoming summer baby.

also, *high five* on fitting in your old jeans, bet that feels amazing.

jennifer ▲ i art u said...

eeeeek! cutest little toosh and feet!! loved this post so much!!!

Esti Tisler said...

These tights and shoes are adorable. I love patterned tights on babies. The shoes are so cute. Audrey doesn't like shoes but maybe she will wear some that are soft like those. I also have started to fit into my pre pregnancy clothes. All from carrying Audrey up and down the stairs :)
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