Monday, February 7, 2011

The Common Sense Experiments: Razor

The Common Sense Experiments: Razor

I'm not sure what made me do this, considering I've lived with this razor on top of the bathroom counter for more than a year now. Correction. I've been putting away the razor (into the medicine cabinet) for more than a year now. On a daily basis.

A month ago I found a razor stand in one of the cabinets and thought, oh cool there's a stand for this annoying thing. So call me crazy but I made a bold move and strategically placed the razor stand on top of the bathroom counter. Right next to the razor.

I think it's important to point out that apart from a bottle of hand soap and a little toothbrush caddy, there's really not much else to camouflage the razor stand. So I'm thinking he'll see it and think oh cool there's a stand for this annoying thing. Wrong. He doesn't. He completely ignores it. My next move? I place the razor in the stand the next morning, the morning after that, the morning after that morning.... I've been putting the razor into its stand for maybe a month now. If I had some common sense you'd think I'd stop. I wanted to see how long it would take for him to get it. Surely in a month. Uh-uh. Ehh. What I don't get is he obviously has to remove the razor out of the stand right? So he is aware that the razor is in the stand before he uses it... so why doesn't it dawn on him to put the razor back in the stand???? I'm sure he doesn't think the razor walks itself back into the stand after he uses it right?

Me: hey babe, you know your razor right?
Hillsy: ya
Me: you know there's a stand for it right?
Hillsy: ya
Me: why don't you ever put it back into the stand?
Hillsy: coz the razor is wet
Me: [stares blankly at him]

Makes you wonder who's running the experiments around here :)


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Hee hee ha ha! I love these posts. so funny & I am ALWAYS wondering who is running the experiments round here! :)

Nicole said...

Lol! I don't feel so bad now knowing other people share my plight!

I have numerous baskets and containers around the house specifically for my husband's stuff. Do you think it ever makes it into those baskets? Never! The closest things have gotten is right next to the basket!

Oh, and the same goes for our laundry hamper. His clothes may go next to it or draped over the side, but never all the way in.

Is there some kind of fear men have of putting things IN something?

Karen said...

omg...hysterical!!!! that's like raul saying that he's "soaking" the dishes...but never gets around to actually washing them :-/

Anonymous said...

this is hilarious! I share the same experience with a microfiber towel that my BF uses all the time but never puts away (just on the shelf under the table he leaves it on!).. I hate the texture of the towel so I hate putting it away :P

Anonymous said...

Oh this definitely made my Monday. Oh Man you never cease to amaze me...

Jaime Leigh said...

*Giggle....this totally made my day!

Zandra said...

LOL!! I love this "Men" series ... you definitely have to post more!! Classic stuff... :)

Dolly said...

OH so funny and so true. How I can relate!