Monday, June 21, 2010

Mr. Rust Oleum, oh how I've missed you!

Spray Painting Emma's Mirror

Forced myself to finally paint Emma's mirror this morning. Remember this $20 find? Well it's now Heirloom White - thanks to an old friend Mr. RustOleum. Surely you must remember him from the good ol' days! I had a rag over my nose and mouth while giving it a couple of coats so it wasn't too bad AND the humidity is much lower today than it was yesterday. Hopefully you all had a good weekend, I couldn't bear being outside for more than a minute yesterday. Boy how things have changed, I'm usually the last one to complain when it comes to heat!!

Our walls are pretty shitty when it comes to hanging/nailing things into the wall and I was pretty concerned about not being able to find proper studs for the mirror (it's freakin' heavy). Melis to the rescue... she suggested OOK hangers. Has anyone else used these or their other products before? I picked up a 2-pack from Home Depot, hopefully they work!! Will keep you posted!

PS. Saw a really great film via Watch it Now Netflix this weekend - The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I highly highly recommend it.


Zandra said...

That was the saddest movie!!

kim @ stellacake said...

woah - that movie. great, but spectacularly sad climax. no hollywood ending there!

Love Daniella said...

I used OOK hangers before for some of the heavier paintings/pieces in my apartment. They work great! I imagine they can support the mirror.

You've already done such a great job with the nursery. Can't wait to see when it's done!

Sammi said...

did you read the book too?

the mirror looks awesome x

Marichelle said...

Definitely NOT an uplifting movie.
Thanks Danielle, I'll give it a go this weekend!
Sammi, I haven't but will definitely add it to my must read list! Thx!