Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nursery: IKEA love

The word IKEA usually sends Hillsy into a tizzy. BUT after a little nudging and a couple of very convincing emails/links vouching for their budget-friendly cribs and accessories, he soon saw the light. AND I think he might even believe that it was his idea all along.

I'm proud to report that we made it outta there in less than 2 hours! I know it doesn't sound like much, but believe me that's record timing for me. I can spend hours and hours getting lost in there and that's just in the showroom. Letting me loose in the marketplace area typically adds another 1 to 2 hours. Unfortunately, after years and years of torture the boy has wisened up. Like a freakin' homing pigeon, he led us towards ALL of the "shortcuts", which cleverly allow you to completely bypass half of the store (lighting, storage, gardening, etc - basically sections where I could spend hours ooing and cooing in and picking up random items that I really have no need for). Smart smart man.


I love everything we ended up buying. I especially love the crib, simple lines and definitely not bulky - it's the perfect size and was very easy to put together (pleasant surprise). Ooh and I just had to have one of these cool grey/white trays. Hmm, may need to take another trip out there this weekend :)

Images: IKEA


Ez said...

Oh sigh! I love it all! That crib is perfect and those trays...swoon! Wish I was there to go on a marathon IKEA binge with you. ; )

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Ooh...I love those trays! must. tag. along. need. trays. :)

kim @ stellacake said...

oh the Gulliver cot - we have had ours for 8 years, and it's on the fourth child now - it still looks excellent!