Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Love this

SKRUVSTA swivel chair from IKEA

I've been spending lots & lots of time on the IKEA site lately looking for affordable pieces to add to the nursery and saw this darling Skruvsta Swivel Chair!

Image: IKEA


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Ack! Eep! Oh man....that chair is calling my name! What a fantastic find hun! :)

Marichelle said...

You SO need to buy that! It would look SO cute in your house!!!

shanon said...

That is so adorable-- the birdie saying "cute cute cute"! =)

Zandra said...

Too cute! Why can't they have this stuff for little boys rooms!! I know you are probably having so much fun decorating :) Endless ideas for little girls..
Love the chandelier...wish i could put something like that into Maxwell's room..hahaha!

Marichelle said...

Hi Shanon! LUV your photos!!
Z, I'll keep an eye out for more boy-friendly items... plus I'm sure you'll get to do it to for baby #2!! We could just swap things :)

ismoyo said...

I had that chair! Well, in solid white that is. I sooo loved it. But.. it didn't last too long. I think it lasted like a year when it broke and it had stopped leaning back long before that.
I know Tizzalicious has one too, maybe she has better experience with it?

Marichelle said...

Hi Ismoyo! Oh that's too bad, the pattern is so cute!

missrantsypants said...

Oh, that chair is darling! I want it, and I don't even have kids.