Monday, March 15, 2010

Seed Update

The weather was so nasty this weekend and it looks like the rain is gonna stick around for a bit longer. It was definitely one of our laziest weekends ever - lots of tv shows and movies AND a whole lotta eatin'.

My appetite and cravings have definitely increased this month - pictures and commercials of anything food related get me every time! For instance, are you familiar with the "...give me back that filet-o-fish, give me that fish..." commercial? I don't even know if it's for Mc Donald's or BK but it gave me the biggest craving for a damn filet-o-fish sandwich with extra tartar sauce, so guess what I had for dinner Friday night? A big platter of Fish Filet from our local diner. BUT the worst cravings so far have been for sweets and overly processed baked goods. Last week it was coffee cake. This week it's for the ginormous cupcakes from CRUMBS (caramel apple is my fave). Thank goodness it was raining so hard all weekend, I was too lazy to make the trip out to a neighboring town (and felt bad enough not to make Hillsy go).

I've been told to expect to gain a pound a week for the next 3 months. I've gained about 7 or so pounds so far. I can't even imagine gaining 20+ more pounds... I guess I won't have to imagine it for much longer if I don't put a kibash on the cakes and pastries. I'm still working out on a regular basis, although I think it's starting to cause my back to ache sometimes. I guess what I really need to start doing is watching which cravings I allow myself to give into. Requesting a box of Krispy Kreme donuts last week for a Tuesday night treat probably wasn't such a good idea :)

PS. I finally felt the seedlebug thrashing around last week. Just as described in all the books - feels like a mixture of fluttering and hunger bubbles. I noticed that he/she moves a lot more after I eat fruits (honeydew in particular) - guess someone is taking after grandma Carol (my mom).


Ez said...

Awww...the seedling is an acrobat! So exciting that you were able to feel him/her at last! Yay!

Karen said...

i got the CRUMBS bug...had to get a 6 pack when i went back into the city on saturday...still eating them...may have to get another 6 pack to tide me over til the weekend!