Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I love this

Love this!

I usually start putting together our Nice Package orders for the week with Ez on Tuesdays. It's basically printing out packing slips, pulling out items, wrapping them up nicely, writing thank you notes, filling out custom forms for our international orders, etc. So not exactly the most thrilling part of our week (don't get me wrong we LOVE orders, we just wish that Santa and his helpers were in charge of it all!) So playing cheesy dance music while completing this task makes it 10x better!! Our current shipping day playlist is actually the same one I use for my workouts - Ultra Dance 11.

Anyway, long story short - I always joke around w/ Ez when the music starts to play. I tell her that I totally imagine myself dancing in the middle of crowded dance floor all into the music and what not, slightly perspiring and wearing a short sequined dress. I just happened to spot this dress this week and it's totally THE dress that I had in mind!!!

If I weren't packing up NP orders, 4 months pregnant with a kangaroo pouch, ankles ripening for their summer premier and watching American Idol + Lost... I would be wearing this dress (with black shoes) in the middle of a dance floor, eyes closed, hair waving side to side in slow-mo, sporting JLo's Waiting for Tonight body/face glitter look and maybe a fist pump or two (I do after all live in NJ!)


Ez said...

You know I 100% approve of this for "office wear." I say bust it out Biz. You can shimmy shake our orders all the way to the Post Office. I'm sure our favorite postal worker would LOVE your look. ; )
xo Ez

Clementine said...

Marichelle, I love you forever for referencing JLo's Waiting for Tonight body glitter in this post. Ha!!
Also, that dress is sick. sick!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Okay, lol...you are adorable and I could TOTALLY see you rocking this dress....it is gorgeous or as Cas says above, SICK. Love it...and love the image!

Marichelle said...

So glad you three approve of my alter-ego diva dress :) I'll think of this dress when I'm trying to melt the baby pounds in the Fall.

YES Cas, glad I'm not the only one who remembers that video!!! waiting for tonight... Woh-oooh-oh