Thursday, February 25, 2010


Things are finally on the up and up around here (minus the snow of course).
Second trimester, I LOVE YOU.

[Warning: TMI alert]

I thought I was ready for the constipation issues that clearly come with the territory - I wasn't. The fact that I wasn't able to workout during the first three months due to feeling like I was car sick for 10 hours/day, surely didn't help matters. Oh and how can I forget, I was pretty dehydrated since everything in liquid form pretty much made me want to hurl - including water, yes water! AND yes, I was well aware of the prenatal vitamins that supposedly didn't wreak havoc on your system, but I just couldn't bring myself to fork out the $50-$60 dollars every month (mine are only about $12/month). I was determined to find other ways to fix the problem. Tried drinking warm honey/lemon water - eh, tasted alright but really didn't cause too much action down there. I munched on celery sticks (doused in Ranch dressing), that was helpful. Tried drinking Prune juice and after one sip quickly found out that that wasn't going to work out. At the end of the day, nothing really worked other than skipping the horse pills a couple of nights throughout the week (please don't stone me!) I'm happy to report that my system is doing much better these days. It's probably a combination of my new found energy, finally exercising regularly, drinking water again and of course signs of the glorious second trimester!

My baby bump is finally peeking out, although I'm sure it's still not that noticeable to random strangers - especially with a winter coat on. I haven't felt any kicking yet, which I find myself growing very impatient about! I'm a lot less fussy (someone might beg to differ) but still feeling a little more emotional than usual. I tear up when watching tv more often now, which I find very very amusing. Most annoying thing - the smell of lingering meat still makes me sick. I can stand the smell of cooking meat, it's just the smell that lingers afterwards that makes me super nauseous. I really hope that goes away (poor Hillsy)! Oh and I woke up at 3am in the morning to take a piss - I've been warned that this will be a normal occurrence in the coming months... I'll take that over feeling car sick any day!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

hee hee , I am so happy you are feeling better darlin! Whew! :)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

oops...and this photograph is gorgeous. :)

.tif said...

Wait until the third trimester when you're up to pee every two hours (at least I am) in the odd hours of the night. It's like getting prepared for baby without the cute baby to make it all better.

I sympathize with your lack of things moving, only it's been my whole pregnancy (I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow). Water, gloriously overloading myself on fiber (frosted mini wheats became my salvation), and lots of walking. Unfortunately, it's been too darn cold to walk ... ugh.

Anyway, hang in there. All the discomfort is amazingly worth it! :D

Marichelle said...

- Thanks Melis!!
- Def not looking forward to peeing every two hours! I should def try frosted mini wheats - thanks for the tip!