Friday, January 29, 2010

Trying to get back on track

Confession: I haven't worked out in months. Arms a little softer, a tad more jiggle in the wiggle... regardless of Hillsy's endless reassuring that I'm fine and 800 million "no fussy, you're not a [insert morbidly obese-like animal here]'s"... I FINALLY managed to convince myself to get out of the rut and I successfully busted out my fave Jillian Michaels DVD this week. I started on Wednesday, busted it out again yesterday and hoping to give Hillsy's Wii EA Sports thing a try later on today - trying not to bore myself too quickly. So, for those of you who are in the same boat -- there's hope out there!! I was talking to Ez about how the first week or so is the hardest for me, but after a while (3 weeks maybe?) it starts to become routine and part of life again... (fingers crossed).

Have a great weekend everyone!


Nicole said...

I'm so glad you posted about this! I just realized last night after stepping on our scale that it's time for me to start working out again, too. And you're right, the first week is the hardest! I'm making a commitment to start working out again this weekend. I think it'd be better for me and my whole family.

Melissa said...

oh my! i just resurrected my old workout regime just an hour before reading this!

hope you stay on track ;)

Jennifer Katherine said...

Ugh. Totally know what you mean. Glad to know I'm not the only one :)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

The photographs you are taking are just beautiful hun....I love this one & I think it's great that you are working out (cause it makes you feel good) but, I am here to attest to how great you look! Yes! Really! :)

Marichelle said...

Glad I'm not alone on this one guys!
Thanks melis! Oooh so glad you resurrected your workout regimen too! yay!