Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I've been feeling so uninspired lately... finding it very difficult to motivate myself into starting extra creative projects. I have a ton of crafty projects to tackle - make more soap, finally attempt to make body scrub a year after purchasing supplies, finish a holiday garland I started 2 months ago, go outside and take photos with my new camera.. but instead i find myself in front of my trusty computer writing this and browsing the internet.


Suzanne said...

i hear ya. i wish i could share a little nugget of motivational inspiration with you but unfortunately i have none :( the internet is a HUGE time sucker/waster for me. the other day my power went out for a bit and i felt like i was going to DIE without my computer. and i didn't know what to do with myself, despite the half-read novels, half-started crafts, and pile of unfinished christmas cards sitting in front of me.
sad, but true.

i'll keep tuning in here see if you end up getting any tips ;)

cindy said...

no worries ... i'm sure it's just temporary. you've got to refuel those creative juices with some downtime once in a while.