Thursday, October 15, 2009

Marinated Chicken with Cucumber-Mint Salad

We loved this sooooo much even if our entire house still smells of onions 24 hours later. I used Nan bread, I love how it's a little bit more doughy & chewy than pita bread.

I got this recipe from last month's Everyday Foods Mag and I'm so glad it's up on their website (Marinated Chicken with Cucumber Mint Salad). I'm not sure whether or not you were supposed to do it this way, but I removed the onions from the pan once they caramelized and added a little bit more oil to the pan. I then cooked the chicken and a minute before they were done, I added the onions back into the pan. I wanted to get the little bits off of the bottom of the pan, so I finished it off by adding a tablespoon of water and carefully scrubbed the bottom of the pan to get the extra "flavor".


Michelle | Cicada Studio said...

Must try!

Michelle said...

GREAT photos. That looks pretty simple but oh so delicious. I'll definitely try it sometime...especially that cucumber-mint salad!