Friday, August 7, 2009

A kick in the butt

Thinking out loud alert with no real conclusions... spare me the hate comments alright.

It's very simple right? Sometimes things happen and you can either a. enjoy or sulk about it for a good couple of hours (days sometimes) or b. take the plunge and allow it to inspire you to do better. Me, I'm fueled by extreme happiness or extreme anger/frustration and anything in between leaves me bored and quiet frankly, not as productive.

I received my first EVER wholesale inquiry this morning (star jump + high-five)! I guess you could say my inbox was a little bit of both this morning - wholesale inquiry (happy) / someone alerting me that I failed to give an artist credit on a write-up (sad). So yes, I'm buzzing with energy right now - it's like the perfect storm right? So back to this wholesale inquiry thing... I often try and prepare myself for the worst (coz I like happy surprises and when you're not expecting them, they're 100x better!) I'm sorta giddy about the prospect but I'm also acutely aware of the other possible outcome. OK so wunderlust right? I started this whole journey a couple of years ago right? Couldn't sell a thing, except to my wonderful friends and family. Frustrated, I became a full-time blogger (stopped making things). A couple of months ago, I reopened my Etsy shop and it has been doing a lot better (and I'm happy to report that I've been selling items to more than just Z, Karen and my sisters), but I haven't really given it 100% of my time. I can't help but imagine the possibilities if that were the case.

So the point of my rambling, the wholesale inquiry has given me the kick in the butt, the little push I needed to re-examine my goals (who am I kidding? actually let's start with DEFINING the goals). I'd love the opportunity to establish wunderlust as a brand with a proper line and start wholesaling... Guess I know what I'll be thinking about all weekend long. Man, wish it was a three day weekend.


Sammi said...

Good luck with all your decisions since I've started working full time I cannot work out what to write about or time to write either.

LOLAFALK said...

This sure sounds like a "happy surprise" to me...and a true testament to the fact that life is always twisting and turning in ways we'd never imagine (or plan for). Congrats on the wholesale order!