Friday, July 24, 2009

Do something good today

Happy Friday everyone!
I wanted to share a special documentary project that my friend Amanda is working on...

RethinkBPD is a documentary, website and social movement that gives voice to estimated 16 million diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Its goal is to promote an informed dialogue about BPD and bear witness to the challenges faced by those most vulnerable and under-served. At its deepest level, RethinkBPD is about revealing possibilities in recovery.

Diagnosed with BPD only two years ago, Amanda has teamed up with PBS and A&E documentary filmmaker, Jesse Sweet to create a documentary on BPD, intending to air on national television with extensive DVD distribution.

I'm trying to help Amanda and Jesse get 500 people to make a tax deductible donation to help produce the film. Won't you please help reach our 500 goal? Any donation, no matter how big or small would help us out incredibly! Check it out at Hope you are well and talk to you soon!

There are other ways you can help...
* sending emails to your friends, family and acquaintances.
* donating your twitter tweet each day.
* donating your facebook status each day.
* posting a blog about the project and linking it to

Know the wonderful benefits of donating:

* All donations are tax-deductible!
* Receive a free RethinkBPD American Apparel t-shirt with any donation over $50!*
* Any donation over $100 receives a website credit or dedication.
* Any donation over $5,000 receives a film credit or dedication.
* Any donation over $50,000 receives a film producer opening credit.

*When donating over $50 RethinkBPD will email you asking about your shirt size. T-shirts are shipped to the continental US only. See image above t-shirt graphic. (it's a really cool t-shirt!)


Karen said...

awesome :-)

Amanda Wang said...

thanks Mar! we're so excited to be working on such an important project and have your support!