Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Damn birds

Outwitted by nature again. We draped our blueberry bushes with netting but it was tough to get the netting to close at the very bottom on most of the bushes (next year we'll get larger nets). The tweetlings have discovered the entrance and have now been flying down and entering the bush from the bottom - all day access to our blueberries. I've been running out into the yard like a grumpy old woman with hands flailing yelling hey hey hey get outta there!

Trying to harvest as much as I can so we could at least have some before the bastards eat them all!

Live and learn.


Sammi said...

Oh no! I hope they don't eat all your blueberries

Anonymous said...

Those are big berries! Hex on the birds!

Do you know how many weirdos are going to add this "as favorite" on flickr because your toes are in this pic?


I get them all the time.

Anonymous said...

I know it doesn't look pretty, but there is a special netting you can put on your blueberry bushes when they're just beginning to turn to berry. It's only needing to be on the bush until it's time to pick, but it keeps the birds from eating all your berries. Again, not pretty to look at, but it works.