Monday, May 11, 2009

Stones and a Bath

I had so much fun gardening this weekend, despite the fact that every muscle in my body is sore from all the digging. My least favorite part of gardening would have to be making the actual beds. Digging up grass is no party.

I found some random stones around the house and decided to create a path out of them in the back. I love the quaintness that it adds, I also bought this cute bird bath from Lowes (for about $30).

Melissa kindly recommended some plants and I'm really happy with the way it all turned out. I'd love to create another plant bed in the back, we'll see how far I can stretch out our non-existent gardening budget!!

I also found random rocks and used them as edging. I decided that the bed wasn't wide enough, so I layed the rocks a little further out - I'll have to eventually scoop out the grass.

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Ces said...

lookin' real good sis! I know how tiresome it can be but focus on the other side sow and later on reap the benefits once you start seeing the fruits of your hard labor.