Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Update

I woke up today exhausted, hope that doesn't become the trend for the week. We got a lot of stuff done this weekend despite the fact that it felt like someone was sitting there spinning the earth in fast forward, was it me or did yesterday feel like it was half as long?

We finally painted the guest room and I'm sorry to disappoint all of you but it's no longer the Winnie the Pooh room. Sorry folks, I had to do it, I removed the decals - it's now my favorite hue of the year GREY. Call it lack of inspiration but I really do love this grey (same one I used in the living room) and if I could do it over again I think I would actually consider painting the whole house this color. Only half joking.

Unfortunately funds are low so I can't get any new pieces for this room just yet - so for now there's our old bed, a random table we had from the good ol' days (screaming for some white paint I think) and this annoying Containter Store shelf thing that I now can't stand. I had no closet space in my last apartment so I had a couple of these Elfa systems to store my clothes. The WANGS had these radiator covers that I'm not exactly fond of, so for now the radiators are naked and probably will stay that way. There's still a lot to do to this room this week - putting up curtains, wall accessories, beddings etc. I'm excited to see how it all ends up!

We also had a chance to do a little gardening yesterday, cut off some scraggly trees and I planted my herbs in a flower box - I'll have some pics tomorrow!

And yes, we made butter this weekend. I'll be posting about it later on today on Heart Homecooked. Happy gloomy Monday everyone!


Anonymous said...

What is the brand and name of the grey paint you used? I'm looking for a perfect shade of grey.

Marichelle said...

hi there! It's covenant grey by Benjamin Moore

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I have a paint crisis in my bedroom but this may just be the solution.