Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Conversations

Background: It was a busier than usual blogging day and Marichelle ends up eating lunch at 17:00, a turkey sandwich to be specific. So by the time Hillsy comes home (approx 19:00) he's on his own for dinner. Fortunately the fridge is fully stocked with cold cuts and leftover meatballs from the night before.

Hillsy is sitting in front of the television in the living room, finishing the last bite of his sandwich. Marichelle enters the kitchen to grab a drink and spots the tub of mayo sitting on top of the counter and immediately makes her way back into the living room...

marichelle: You know, you shouldn't leave mayo out like that. Hillsy looks confused.
hillsy: Huh? still looks confused.
marichelle: You know, you shouldn't leave mayo OUT tilts her head towards the kitchen attempting to point to the jar with her head like that.
hillsy: I didn't.

Marichelle soon realizes that the man in question made himself a meatball sandwich which didn't require mayo. She gets a sudden flashback of her making her lunch... bread + turkey + cheese + fuck! Mayo.

marichelle: oh. Innocently returns to the kitchen & puts the jar back into the fridge.
hillsy: You know, you shouldn't leave mayo out like that.
marichelle: It wasn't out for that long. It's fine.


Karen said...

omg...i'm dying....LOL!!! that just happened to me yesterday morning...i made my coffee w/coffeemate...i went back to the fridge to get the bread out to toast for the kids...open the fridge...can't find it anywhere...glare at raul and shout "where's the bread????"...he's says "ummm...i don't know"...as he chews on the CEREAL he's eating for breakfast. i turn to the toaster...and there's the bread (that i took out when i took the coffeemate out of the fridge) :-(

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

HA! HA! That's awesome! I'm not the only one!