Monday, March 23, 2009

Learning to Expect the Unexpected

One thing I've learned so far with this whole playing grown-up thing is to expect the unexpected. Our weekend took a turn for the worse when our hand-me-down Honda decided to act up on Saturday night. We were on our way to meet a couple of friends in Montclair for dinner - suddenly we hear odd noises coming from the tail-end of the car. Hmmm sounded like we were dragging a tree and a couple of screaming raccoons. We pulled over and Hillsy checked underneath the car and nothin' nada. We attempted to drive again and it was just getting worse and worse so we drove back home.

Dinner was saved by Lyn and Mike - thanks again for schlepping back to pick up our sorry asses +Karen and Raul for taking us home (again!)

So I ended up ordering groceries from Stop & Shop/Peapod yesterday since we didn't want to risk driving the car. We took the car around the block to check on the weird noises and noticed a significant improvement - wtf? Luckily we live next to one of the handiest guys in town and he had a quick look under the car and didn't see anything suspicious. They even drove around for a bit and what d'ya know - no noises whatsoever. But I knew that would happen, I knew it wasn't going to make a peep and we would look like psychotic neighbors complaining about this god awful noise coming out of the back of the car. Riiiight? You guys heard noooises? Hmmm. Interesting.

Hillsy drove the car this morning to work, just got of the phone with him - NO NOISES! Seriously I don't know what to make of this.

All in all my weekend was decent, didn't get to paint the guestroom as planned but someone was happy about that I bet. On the good news front - I finally increased my running mileage this weekend, WOOHOOO!! Finally found my comfort-zone! Running around here is kind of tough with all of the freakin' hills but I guess that's good for my bum so I should stop complaining. My ultimate goal is to be able to run Hillsy's route - he covers about 10 miles!

PS. I'm guest blogging at Design*Sponge this week so please pop on over and keep me company. Here's my first post.

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