Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Could be better

A little down today...
my furry friend left last night, we had such a great time taking care of her. It was sort of sad not seeing her downstairs when I went down to make the coffee. I guess it's ok thought, she's literally 5 minutes away so we can always go and visit anytime.

She started getting used to the house, even venturing into non-carpeted areas like you see here. I think she also grew to love Hillsy, she loved hanging out with him while he filmed his heart hi-tech videos.

Oh and of course, my lappie mcMac died last night as well. Looks like the hard drive is totally f*cked. Hillsy tried reviving it but had no luck. I was at peace and said my final goodbyes last night - Hillsy wants to try one more thing this weekend but we'll see. Fortunately I backed up some of my files and I have an old backup of my favorites so all is not lost. Unfortunately I did lose some photos and a whole bunch of music (but then again I think most were illegally downloaded - so maybe I'm better off??)

Don't wanna be a total Debbie-downer today so I'll sign off with some good news...
+ I've sold 7 out of 14 houses on Etsy this week
+ Heart Handmade is officially 1 year old - and after a year of hard work, I think it's finally paying off! (Moral of this story: do what you love and do it hard as hard as your little body can take)
+ I've been asked to guest blog for one of top blogs this month (screaming, squeaking and squealing)

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