Monday, February 23, 2009

No one's Hurt I'm just late!

hi everyone!!! happy monday.
This weekend was way too short, I know I say that every Monday but really this one felt exceptionally short - probably because last week's was a 4-day one for us.

Why am I late? I couldn't resist an invitation (Melissa = bad influence) to get a pedicure, my feet/toes were in such bad shape --- dry, old nailpolish hanging on the edge of my scraggly nails, hanging on to dear life. Melis came over for tea this morning with her beautiful dog who I will be looking after for the week (they're going on vacay). Maddie is the sweetest and cutest dog in the planet so I don't really see it as work. She's really well behaved, her only quirk is her fear of non-carpeted surfaces. Our entire house is carpet-free with the exception of the tv/livingroom so I've been trying to fix that...

Maddie checks in at Casa del Hills-Burdman tomorrow so I'll definitely share some pics!!!


Sammi said...

LOL what a fear to have. My dog better get used to carpet when we fly back to the UK tomorrow!

Marichelle said...

She's actually a little better now and is now walking in the kitchen (tiled) and even ventured upstairs (all wood)!