Thursday, February 26, 2009

The morning after

So far...
7:00am: walked Maddie
7:15am: coffee coffee coffee
7:45am: responded to comments on Melissa Loves, Heart Handmade, Etsy and here!
8:20am: queued up blog posts for the day

On today's To Tackle list...
1. Pack orders and head down to the post office to ship out two sold houses!! SO excited - thanks Cindy and Cynthia!!
2. I'm falling behind on blogging duties, but now that the houses and my extracurriculars are done I can once again tackle the world of hearting the handmade.
3. Start thinking about March goodies! Any requests??

Update on the lunch thing... I've been packing Hillsy's lunches but the boy has been repeatedly "forgetting" to bring his pack to work...hmmm... is that his way of saying....

PS. I was so disappointed with Idol last night, but hello? cute-TAY who sang Man in the Mirror!!! Oh lord, I'm such a teeny bopper at heart!

1 comment:

ismoyo said...

Good for you for being so productive!
About the lunch, i give my hubby lunch every day too (cook more in the evening, pack the leftovers for him to bring to work). And yes, he tends to forget to bring it too. Don't make too much out of that, men just tend to forget ;)
Every morning i ask him, do you have your phone, your keys, subway card... and your lunch?!