Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I'm getting really spoiled with Hillsy being around so much this weekend, he also has today off thanks to his employer's cut-back plan. We're heading to see our new dentist in a couple of hours then hopefully watching Friday the 13th (he' s a huge fan). Other than that, we didn't really plan to do all that much. Tax day went well, our new accountant seems like a winner so we'll know in a couple of days how much our refund will be, provided that the state and the feds decide to give us back OUR money.

I'm feeling SO restless these days, having one of those weeks where EVERYTHING and ANYTHING annoys me. It might do me some good to go in the backyard and let out a loud scream, that might actually make me feel better. Do you ever have those days? Last night was the worst, something in the blogworld set it off and I was in a bad mood all night long. Oh and I think I need to limit some of my blogging-related activities (aka Twitter).

It's too early to tell if I'm still in a bad mood... so far so good.

Picture above has no relevance, just a cute mini cupcake I had a couple of weeks ago :)


Sammi said...


I hope you're having a happier day today!

Marichelle said...

thank you :)