Thursday, January 15, 2009


oh wow I'm super super late!! The year started off with a bang... two more blogs, house stuff almost done... [screech] ROAD BLOCK.

This week just flew by and I'm starting to get that "not enough freakin' hours in a day" feeling - not a good sign. I feel very unorganized and I need to get my thoughts into order, too many want to do's swimming in my head right now. I wanna make more soaps and getting really frustrated that I haven't even touched my new supplies that I spent a good chunk of my personal budget for. I'm crazily sewing garlands that I'm not even sure if anyone will be interested in buying, I want to go to Target but it's snowing out and there's a thick slab of ice in the driveway. There's a list of improvements for HHandmade that I'd love to get done but I'm just running out of braincells and hands.... yes, having one of those days!

The upside? Hillsy is working from home today.

Thanks for allowing me to vent :)

Hmmm, gotta go work on turning this frown upside down, coz I just annoyed myself re-reading that!

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