Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yard Sale Find: Yellow Chairs

Sorry I'm late! I was feeling really shitty, blah, okay.... flubby & blobby in a PMS-ey* kind of way, there I said it - and I had to force myself to workout before I conquered the day :)
*sorry to the 2 guys that read this

Back to business...
I LOVE THESE CHAIRS! I've been looking all around for chairs to paint bright yellow since forever. And look what I found.... no-need-to-spray-we're-already-a-perfect-yellow chairs!!!!

Now all I have to do is find some fabric and reupholster these babies and I'm good to go. The table arrived (pics to come) and now it's time to finish all of the random chairs that we bought along the way. I love the random chair look and can't wait until this project is done!! I also need to make slipcovers for 4 of the chairs (the Danish ones) - the cushions on them have definitely seen better days.

I was starting to cover the cushions because I was thinking of painting these... I haven't decided yet. I'll be making slip covers for these chairs - not full-length ones just enough to hide the cushions.

Look what I got...

Oh ya. Staple and nail gun in one! The funny thing is, I scare myself EVERY time it clicks. Which is weird, coz I'm the one pulling (or pushing in this case) the trigger so I obviously know it's coming, but it still makes me jump. Weirdo.

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'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

That staple gun will end up being the best thing you EVER bought! You'll soon find yourself fixing everything with staples....whether it needs fixing or not!