Friday, November 21, 2008

Weekend To Do's

Happy Friday by the way. OK so here's the weekend to do list. But before I go into that... I just got paid for a freelance job I did a while ago so you know what that means...wallpaper money!!! Yay!!!

I've decided on Madison & Grow's Elizabeth pattern in this color. It's modern so I think it will look great with our very NOT modern bedroom. So I've already painted the walls a charcoal grey but I still have to paint the floors white, install the light fixture, find a dresser solution, find a table lamp for Hillsy's side, hopefully find an affordable decent looking area rug (good luck) - wow that's a long list. I'll stop there for now.

To Do's:
- Put up more wallpaper in the livingroom (it arrived yesterday!)
- buy fabric for dining chair slipcovers + roman blinds
- start sewing slip covers
- reupholster chairs
- finish items that weren't crossed off of last week's list


lepetitdoodler said...

marichelle, this blog is awesome! i came across it when searching for recipes. since my discovery, i have entertained several times using the recipes you sought out and take all your little tips and comments to heart when cooking... so thank you!

as for your home improvement project, it's looking fantabulous. g'luck thrifting all the pieces you need. you're off to a lovely start!

susan said...

best of luck with your to do list. this week I had a moment of clarity that life would be better if I had lists to keep me in check. I look forward to seeing how your home comes together. The wallpaper pick is to die for.

nothing sacred said...

Hi there!
I just discovered your blog and I absolutely adore it. Im pretty hard to please with blogs since there are over a trillion of them now (my eyes tend to glaze over when looking at new ones), but yours really caught my eye. I am also a Parsons alum and like your simple but well done layout and attention to details.
I had two questions for you (if you don't mind)...Do you use a program (besides blogger of course) to create your entries (text and image controls...etc), and do you recommend the camera you're using? If so..please do tell!

Cheers and best of luck to you!

Marichelle said...

hi NS. Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you're enjoying the site. I use Photoshop to optimize all of the images used here and on Heart Handmade. As for my camera - it's a SONY Cybershot. It's been kind to me for the past couple of years but if I had a chance to get a new one, I would definitely get a Canon Powershot - my friend has one and I LOVE it.