Friday, November 14, 2008

Bedroom Baby Steps

Liza, do it do it! Ty Pennington (heh heh). Cathy, I'm assuming you're next-door-Cathy right? Thanks for reminding me about this recipe - haven't made this one in ages!

So here's the bedroom - sort of hard to tell from the picture but the color is a nice deep charcoal-slate type of grey. Lovin' it and that wall is going to be wallpapered in the yet to be determined print.

So what's on the weekend to-do list?

1. Get rid of remaining boxes in the dining room, our dining table is scheduled to arrive on Sunday. YAY! We've waited almost 8 weeks for this thing. It's our favorite favorite piece in the entire house!!!! As you know, we love to eat so if we were going to drop money on anything it would be an awesome dining table.
2. paint living room walls, ceilings & trim
3. put up wallpaper in the living room, back of tv wall (Orla Kiely Blossom)
4. clean up sitting room paint job (ceilings are 13' or higher and it was really tough for me to reach the edge of the ceiling so it looks pretty patchy at the moment).
5. paint window sill in the sitting room
6. refurbish an endless amount of furniture picked up at yard sales (dining chairs, vanity, foyer table etc)

This week's accomplishments:
1. Tree guy is finally scheduled! Our huge Silver Maple tree out back is a monster, a beautiful one, but we need to trim him down.
2. Electrician is finally booked. Lighting fixtures need to be replaced in the bedroom and kitchen + lighting installed in the dining room. There's currently no lighting in there (odd), just a floor lamp.

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'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

I love hearing about y'alls progress. It inspires me to get off my tookis and do some much needed work around my house!