Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back to reality

OK that was a nice dream... now back to reality!

A few of you have praised me for my recent home fixin' achievements (thank you!) so I wanted to share how I keep it all together. I'm like a robot and I can only function with instructions and order or else nothing can get done. EVERYTHING has to be written down (a list on a computer won't do), it HAS to be written down on paper.

So here's my master HOUSE to do list. It's more of a booklet really. I break it down by room and each task gets a box - so I can get the satisfaction of checking them :)

I also break it down by tasks and a buy-list (Hillsy hates the Buy List section!) I try to include pricing so that I can set my own expectations and prioritize the list. I also have a calendar page where I schedule my house-specific work days. Hillsy was laughing at me because he noticed that I included the weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday on it. Why?... they're forecasting for rain on Saturday so that means I can't paint furniture outside. It will take the paint forever to dry because of the moisture, so I've schedule indoor activities for Saturday. See, there's a method to my madness!!!

It's a good way to track your progress and a nice little documentation of it all - I'd love to see this booklet in 5 years time!

And of course - here's last night's dinner. It's just on of my favorites - Batali's Bolognese sauce w/ Pappardelle.


Liza said...

Marichelle, I'm in awe of your methods. You inspire me! My husband took out GOOD DESIGN CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE (Ty Pennington... I know, I know...) from the library and looking at it, and at your progress, I'm beginning to think: "Yes I can!" (er, maybe)

Anonymous said...

I must confess that your blog makes me very hungry. :)