Friday, October 17, 2008

Lovin' this Yellow

I RARELY ever get colors right the first time around, but this time - I hit it off the freakin' park!!! Yahoooooo!

Like most colors, yellow is something you can get wrong quite easily. I'm so happy with this one, I can't even tell you. It's a tad darker than the picture above, sort of like when you first cut into a fresh pineapple that's not quite ripe.

And the Patriotic White ceiling - match made in heaven. It has just enough of a tint of grey/blue in it which kind of absorbs the vibrancy of the yellow so you minimize the bouncy/crazy effect that a non-pastel yellow could potentially have . Let's just say Patriotic White is the silent partner, probably does more work than the yellow.

Oh and if you're looking for an edging tool - this one is my fave:

I'm lovin' my sponge brushes - so much easier to control than a brush and makes a perfectly smooth edge (as long as you have a steady hand I guess)!

Today I'm painting the window sills and priming the cabinets so that they'll be ready for paint this weekend. Hopefully I'll have our first room done by the end of the weekend!!!!


Mj Reed said...

love that color!!! It's not too bright at all!! And i don't believe in what people say color yellow effectuates to anger or argumentative mood or whatever....i don't think fact it's's calming like you said...

Karen said...

dag mar...are you doing this all by yourself??? you go girl. i think you're now inspiring me to do something with my house (like you did with cooking :-) ) i think i'm going to paint my kitchen too...since i can't decide on what to do with the damn backsplash.

Marichelle said...

pretty much... but I do get a a 6'6 assistant during the weekends :)

Ces said...

Go girl! Love your color choices - yellow they say is the best color for the kitchen since is brightens your outlook and MJ is right, it's very calming. I have used it on my master bathroom for that reason.