Friday, August 22, 2008

Last Night's Dinner #126: Swiss Chard

I was walking around the farmer's market on Sunday and spotted bunches of swiss chard. I've never cooked with swiss chard before so I grabbed a bunch and figured I can easily find a couple of recipes online.

Well, I completely forgot about them and spotted them in the bottom of the fridge looking very lonely and a little on the limp side. I wasn't sure if the limp-factor made them inedible, but I wasn't about to throw them out without first giving it a try. So I did some research and found this simple recipe from It's pretty similar to the way I like to cook broccoli rabe. Actually minus the butter, it's actually exactly the same.

Would it have been better if my chards were super fresh and not so limp? Probably, but it was definitely edible! For those of you not familiar with this leafy green... it has a little bit of a bitter after taste, but nothing too crazy. It's sort of like spinach but a little more leafy/thicker and substantial. Not too far from broccoli rabe, but not as green and it has a little bit more of a water-crunch to it!

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Harumi said...

Your cooking and crafty ideas are great, you've inspired me ^_^

Oh and by the way, good luck with your home inspection.