Monday, July 21, 2008


Hi everyone! I'm slowly recuperating from my BFF Zandra's (a.k.a "Z") bachelorette/hen party. I promised myself that I wouldn't drink over my own limit (I'm a super light weight when it comes to drinking) and thought I did a pretty good job... until Sunday morning.

I had THE WORST morning after experience (ok maybe the 2nd worst). Let's just say I managed to eat eggs in the morning and the taste revisited my mouth for a second AND a third time shortly after the first :)

Overall it was a great time. Girls: fun times or as Lyn would say "Radiohead... Creep...Good times!" We kicked it off at Cafe Wha?, which turned out to be a little more subdued than usual. As we were trying to figure out our next stop... one of the guys from the show suggested a club in the west side. A "club"? Yes a "club", something we all haven't done in eons! He supposedly could get us in for free and hook us up with a table and drinks! We were given "Dino's" number and were instructed to text Dino upon arrival. As promised, Dino was waiting for us in the front and got us inside swiftly as promised. Passing the large clusters of eager clubgoers standing on line was kind of funny - it was definitely one of those Carrie Bradshaw + gang moments (high heels included!)

I eventually stumbled into a cab and got home in one piece, where Hillsy was waiting up with a large glass of water and 2 ibuprofens - yes, he IS THE BEST.

Unfortunately by the end of the night things got a bit hazy and I completely forgot my camera in a friend's bag. So I'm not really sure how interesting it's going to be around here this week.

Hmmm, does that mean I don't have to cook this week?? Just kidding baby ;)

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Mj & Gerald said...

funny we both have the same experience except that yours is the worst...mine is actually malingering effect of not wanting to do any packing today...LOL! We both enjoyed too much of the Rosato..same here..i'm very lightweight even now...he always tries to get me drunk...go figure!!!---mj