Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hobby #5

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I often get into new "hobbies" that can last anywhere from a week to sometimes even a year. The guitar was something that came into the picture about 3 to 4 years ago. What usually happens is that I hear a song that inspires me to pick it up again and I start learning/playing - then eventually I get frustrated and stop.

This time, it was the latest Coldplay's latest (Viva La Vida) that inspired the return. Oddly enough, I decided to start with something easy - one of their older songs - The Scientist. It's a pretty easy song to play. I figure - build up my confidence, then try something harder. True to form, I haven't finished learning the song yet and I've already started trying to play other ones (e.g. The Kooks - Naive). What can I say? I get bored easy! I think that's it... maybe I'm a bit ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) when it comes to life.

Hillsy and I have a total of 4 guitars - 3 acoustics and one electric. Not really sure why we have so many!


Karen said...

too funny...that was one of the last songs i was trying to play before i stopped playing a couple of years ago. i did pick my guitar up again last week...but unfortunately Julia did not take a liking to her mommy playing...she screamed the whole time :-( not sure if it was the playing or me not paying attention to her. i guess it'll have to wait until bedtime!!!

quaint handmade said...

oh i'm the same way with new hobbies and have "learn to play the guitar" on my list! if i lived in a house, i'm sure i would do it. but, in an apartment, i'm worried for my neighbors.

it would be cool to hear an audio of you playing coldplay!