Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend Eats

I'm writing this as I take my final sips of Hillsy's nightly special - PG Tips tea with Cadbury chocolate biscuits (yum)... a great end to our 3-day weekend.

We were in Long Island on Sunday for a friend's graduation party (med school) - what a huge accomplishment, I can't even imagine how he must feel! It was so nice to see my friends from college. It was so interesting to see everyone all grown up - married, mortgages and everyone seemed to have at least one kid! So I guess I'm a little out of sync with everyone, but that's ok coz Lyn (kid-less as well) came up with a really good strategy. It will actually work to our advantage, because by the time we have kids all our friends who have kids now will be more than happy to take hold our babies during parties and get-togethers (you know how everyone loves babies) and then we'd be able to eat in peace... I just noticed that it was hard for parents to eat with their kids around! muwahhhrrr (evil laugh)

We ate lots of Filipino food (the party was hosted by his parents) including my favorite pork bbq Filipino style. It was a whole day of eating, not sure if you guys are familiar with how Filipino parties work, but it's basically an all-day food buffet affair. You'll usually see several courses changing throughout the day and often with a special dessert table where you can do some major damage. It was a great day... thanks again Ron, Christine and family for having us over! Oh and of course they had Rock Band which kept someone very busy!

We order from Thai Terminal ALL THE TIME, so we decided to pay them a visit and actually eat at the restaurant.

My new favorite place - Podunk, an American Tea House!

Cherin, one of the best places to have sushi in the East Village

Not sure if this was the 4 or 5th course at Ron's party

Post-run meal at Le Pain Quotidien (his)

(and hers)


Karen said...

ummm...i'm not so sure about your theory on the kids thing...by the time you girls have your babies, i'll just be sitting back laughing at you trying to eat a meal with a kid hanging off your leg...while i sip on my g&t :-) maybe you can bribe miles & julia to watch your babies :-)


awwww c'mon, you know you're gonna want to toss it around - especially MY giant baby... if it gets its height from Hillsy then it's going to be one tall baby!

Alexander Rances said...

Hey Marichelle!

Hope you don't mind, my sister forwarded your web page to me. Glad you had fun and enjoyed the food. Speaking of food, all the pictures on your site look amazing. Seeing the shrimp, pasta and spinach salad makes me hungry all over again. What camera do you use? Anyways, I hope all is well. I'll be keeping an eye on your blog from now on :)


hey Ron!! Definitely enjoyed the food, you don't even know... Ryan and I were talking about pork bbq during the train ride hoping there would be some :)
I use a SONY Cybershot 7.2 megapixel (it's actually an older model) but I'm pretty happy with it, but I've got my eye on a Canon next!