Thursday, May 29, 2008

Last Night's Dinner #118: Summer Berry Healthy Parfait

I have such a sweet tooth. I've been munching on chocolate biscuits for the past week and knew I had to find another "sweet" (healthier) alternative!!

Walking around aimlessly in the market, I spotted these lovelies...

I love the ready-made berry parfaits from Whole Foods, but instead of using heavy cream/whipped cream I bought a tub of my favorite Greek yogurt Fage. It was actually pretty good and got Hillsy's seal of approval!

I also found Angel cake from Trader Joe's - fat free no less. Anything that says fat-free usually scares me, but this was surprisingly good. A less healthy alternative would be lady fingers or another type of cake :)

Just layer the cake, yogurt, honey, fruit until you reach the top. I drizzled in some soymilk and regular milk to moisten the cake a bit and an extra bit of honey on top. It probably helps to make these ahead of time so the fruit's natural juices have time to seep into the cake. Enjoy!


Mj & Gerald said...

we love the berries family! Can't live without them...also they're great antioxidants!! Sam's got the great selection and price for it too!! Nathan loves strawberries! Gerald and I fight for the rasp and blue!! Enjoy the's almost here!!---MJ

justgen said...

aahhh, thank you. I can now stop the week of Froot Loops with soy milk. Hehehe, that's been my fruit serving/day. k, going to Fresh Market now, fresh berries before a run...and after.


MJ, love the berries... just wish they weren't so pricey :)

Gen, Mmmm froot loops - haven't had that in a loooong time. Might have to go the supermarket tmr ;)