Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Burning out

Juggling two blogs is proving to be tougher than I thought. I've lost my Lifeflix mojo as Becks & Posh would say. Damn it, I hope I find it real soon. So rather than post photos of the take-out dinner that we had last night (I did take pictures, I couldn't help it - it's a force of habit), I thought I'd share the real story.

Everything is going really well over Heart Handmade, but I'm upset that the posts here have been rather light. I hope the dust settles down soon and everything can go back to normal. It will right???

Here's what my day looked like:


Amanda, NYC said...

omg do you do this everyday? i love it!


hey Amanda, pretty much... glamorous huh!? =)

Amanda, NYC said...

doh i mean writing down an agenda everyday.. compartmentalizing your tasks and projects.. i think it's great how effectively you work! hope some of this rubs off on me! can't wait for dinner!


OHHH, duh, sorry! It's not as detailed as this, but I definitely have a TO DO list everyday.

I'm a little obsessive when it comes to lists. I have dedicated notebooks to keep me on track. I can't live without my two notebooks (one is dedicated to Heart Handmade and the other one is for everything else). If it's not written down somewhere, it's not gettin' done!

It's very weird, but I can't start my day without seeing my entire day in some sort of list form. My favorite part is X'ing and crossing off tasks that I've accomplished =)

I'm a dork.