Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Back from holiday

I'm surprised at how slowly the days went, usually holidays have a tendency to whizz by.

I categorize most of my trips into 4 categories - family, rest & relaxation, business and site-seeing/culture. This last one was an R&R trip, where we did absolutely nothing! The only worries we had were what to drink, what to eat and pool? or beach?.

I'm almost ashamed to admit it (it gets such a bad rap) but I absolutely love Cancun (sans Spring Breakers). Although we were cutting it real close this year, I noticed a few groups of students on the flight over and I couldn't help replay the wild scenes of MTV Cancun Break in my head over and over again. Luckily for us - according to the locals, it doesn't get crazy until next week.... phew!

These three pictures pretty much sum up the weekend:
:: the view
:: the drink ("miami vice" - half pinacolada, half strawberry daiquiri)
:: the food - I chose the fish and they grilled it, mmmm soooo good

Although I really should add one more picture - I got a little too sun-happy and stayed out a little longer than I should've. I'm somewhat crispy and my famous sun blisters have made an appearance. I can hear my mother's voice saying "OH - you are too dark!". I also couldn't keep my eyes open during American Idol and had a really tough time getting up this morning.... could it be sun poisoning??


Sarah said...

Where did you stay, it looks beautiful?!

design for mankind. said...

Oh man, I'm SO SO jealous right now!!!


We stayed at Le Blanc Spa Resort - I highly recommend it!