Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up: Chinatown & Jersey

We almost missed this 5:30 bus to New Jersey. Got this shot, then quickly realized that I was getting bus-sick.

This weekend felt way too short - probably because of last week's 3-day weekend. I'm hoping that this week will prove to be a little more productive!

Hillsy's hair was getting out of control so we had to brave the crowd and headed down to Chinatown to see Gary - his favorite stylist. We always have to get ourselves mentally prepared for this monthly trip because it's just plain insane down there during the weekends.

You can hardly walk down the sidewalks - most of the fruit, vegetable, meat and seafood markets are open in the front and the crowds spill onto the sidewalks. But you really can't blame the crowds, the prices down here just can't be beat.

My favorite part about Chinatown - TenRen's bubble tea! I love their Taro Milk Tea with tapioca balls

Hillsy on guitar & Zandra on bass (Z - hope you don't kill me for this one!)

Karen's Rock Band Party was a success - it was so much fun! I was intimidated by the instruments so I ended up singing (or should I say screaming) Metallica's Enter Sandman - no joke! The food was of course excellent. Karen turned it out with an endless variety of goodness. Check out this great photo-op - the cook's schedule. Very organized - a sign of a good cook.

I spent the whole day "working" on Sunday. Non-stop laptop work. I'm considering starting a second blog and spent the entire day researching, surfing and making sure that I would have enough content to warrant a second one. More on that exciting news later!

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