Friday, February 29, 2008

Lifeflix Rewind

Happy Friday! I wanted to take this chance to welcome a couple of new readers. It's so nice to see new faces + new numbers (I'm so thrilled!) I'm off for an extra long weekend (wooohooo) - I'll be back on Wednesday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

:: Best burger under $10 (maybe even under $20)
:: Zookoda - a great free source for bloggers

Finally had a chance to cook this week!
:: Les Moules Marinières (Steamed mussels with garlic, shallots & parsley in white wine sauce)
:: Shrimp tagliatelle with asparagus cream sauce
:: Give this one a try - it's a keeper! A white Coq Au Vin


Amy said...

Whoa, I've missed out on so many things! And your recipes -- mmm mm! I shall have a go at them one day.. you know, since I'm not technically employed by others by April, haha!

Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

jade said...

Hey Marihelle, have you tried the Shake Shack burgers yet? You really should!


Hi Jade, I have tried the SS burger, but the 30 minute queue I had to endure somehow clouded my memory!