Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I wish I could...

If I had an unlimited craft budget I would love to take all of these classes:

Hand Applique $45, Purl Patchwork
Distress free distressing $32, The Ink Pad
Making new things look old is an old art. We'll use Distress Inks and Embossing Powders and lots of simple tools and techniques to create brand new "old". sample
Heavy Metal $35, The Ink Pad
How do you turn a plain sheet of metal into a beautiful, elegant wall hanging? You stamp, emboss, glue, punch and decorate it into shape, that's how! sample
Socks (Knitting) $75, Downtown Yarns

Make a dress $350 + supplies, Make Workshop
Intro to embroidery $80, Make Workshop
Block printing $60 supplies included, Make Workshop
Zippered hobo handbag $300 + supplies, Make Workshop
Embroidery by hand $85.00, Purl Patchwork

View full list of classes:
Make Workshop
Purl Patchwork
The Ink Pad
Downtown Yarns
City Quilter

I love taking classes - not only for the new skills I learn but their ability to invigorate and re-energize me to create. I've taken classes where I didn't really learn anything new, but just the act of taking the class jump-started a new project. It's also nice to meet other people who have the same interests.

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