Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up: $40 Burgers

It was Hillsy's birthday on Friday but it became more of a birthday weekend - in true Queen fashion =)

I took him to Old Homestead Steakhouse, a place known for Kobe beef. We saw a food show a couple of months ago and when he almost teared up watching Zimmerman's big mouth wrapped around the colossal Kobe burger - I knew that this was the place to take him for his birthday.

I wouldn't normally order a burger at a steakhouse, but I too wanted to know what the buzz was all about. This thing was enormous, I couldn't even fit it into my mouth. So did the $40 burger taste like what you would expect from a $40 burger... I'm going to allow the burger connoisseur to address that in a critic's corner post (hopefully by tomorrow).

I also baked a chocolate lover's dream cake - Blanc et noir. Each bite was like biting into a perfect baked truffle - melt in your mouth goodness!! I'll be posting the recipe and how-to pics by the end of the week!

The birthday celebration ended last night at an impromptu dinner with a couple of friends at Carne Vale - a churrascaria. We used to like this place a lot, but after last night we both felt that it's gone downhill. I think Hillsy will be providing a critic's corner review for this place as well!

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