Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The latte factor

Read any financial self-help books and you'll see the term "latte factor". Latte factor represents the hundreds of dollars spent on morning venti lattes (popularized by you know who). So instead of making coffee at home, most folks willingly spend approximately $5 every morning for the convenience - some even repeat the habit for a 3pm caffeine pick-me-up! It's hard to believe that someone could feasibly spend $10/day on coffee, adding up to a whopping $2600 a year! That's a lot of craft supplies!

Well, I just discovered my new latte factor - Tavalon's Green Tea Soy Latte. I love this stuff and I can't seem to curb the cravings. I can't walk past it without going in for a fix. I need to stop!

Inside Tavalon (Union Square)

Loose tea display


Anonymous said...

Marichelle, next time I work at Amai, you'll have to stop by and have me make you a matcha soy latte to how it compares to the one at Tavalon!


I'll definitely be stopping by - Mmmmm that sounds good!!