Thursday, December 13, 2007

Prepping for tonight

I love throwing dinner parties. I wish we had more room in our apartment to host them more often. We currently have a 4-person maximum capacity, so we can only invite two people at a time - if we want a proper sit-down.

Snaps from prepping. I've already warned our two guests to have a light lunch today and to expect lots of good (fingers crossed) food!

I'm making two main dishes tonight, one with shrimps and vegetables (which I'm calling the "side" dish) and the other with meat.

Can't have a proper Filipino dinner without something super sweet at the end.

This is the best pie crust making technique in the world!

I had to place an emergency call (thanks Karen) last night. I haven't pre-baked crust in a long time and I was going way over the 13-15 minute rule and started to worry. I guess it was the pie weight (rice) that caused the alarm. No worries - it took about 20 mins to get it at this state.

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