Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Wrapping

I love wrapping presents. This year, I've decided to use craft paper instead of traditional gift wrap. Not only is it a cheaper alternative, but it really lends itself as a great background for embellishments and personalization - which is my favorite part. I love thinking about how to make each gift more special.

Here I used ribbon made out of felt and added a simple button to the gift tag. I think a couple of pine sprigs (from the tree) would also be a nice touch. Or maybe a couple of rosemary twigs tied up with butcher's twine for the home cook. I love receiving and giving gifts that have "heart" and "thought" written all over it. I subscribe to the idea that gift-giving is an art. To me, it's not how much money you spend but how much time you spend thinking about the perfect present for someone or spending the time to present/package it in a special way.


Farmer Butch said...

Recycle genius!

Anonymous said...

I used craft paper as X-mas wrapping paper last year. I got a Christmas themed rubber stamp and used the stamp design as embellishment. No ribbons, no tags. I wrote right on the paper.


great idea - that's even easier! Martha (I'm sure other brands have them too) also has stamp set so you could even stamp on the person's name on the box.