Wednesday, November 28, 2007

He's Baaaack!

I came home exhausted from the gym last night, looking forward to a nice evening alone at home. Hillsy was out having drinks with a few co-workers - one of the guys visiting from London was heading back. Anyway, as soon as I step foot into the apartment my phone rings. It was Zandra calling to tell me a wacky story about a gym instructor who managed to electrocute himself on the sound system! Fifteen minutes into the conversation, I hear something going ballistic in back of the bookshelves. It didn't even care that I was in the same room, going ballistic myself on the phone with Zandra Oh my god Z, he's back and he's going freakin' mental back there! Let me call you back, I need to call for backup.

I managed to get a hold of Hillsy and poor guy had to run home. I didn't want my friend coming out from the sides so I managed to block both sides with a piece of ply wood and some books. It was still rustling around - very loudly.

Hillsy gets home and we come up with a plan.
Lower down a sticky pad and lure him towards it with a stick. Neither of us had the guts to just spear the thing to death! However, my friend manages to hide behind the 10 million wires back there and the plan fails. We then decide to pull up all of the wires so that we can get a better view. Once we cleared all of the wires, my friend pulls a David Copperfield and manages to escape (again!) There was a big enough gap on the right-hand side where the wires were, so we suspect it slid under. I'm just trying to figure out if it came from the same place and just got all confused or if there's a new entry point that we haven't closed up. Seriously, I'm so ready to move!

Our mouse hunting escapades ended with us pulling out the shelves and foaming up the gaps. Ahhh the saga continues. He's now my dead-beat son. Comes in whenever he pleases, eats and then leaves... !

I look forward to our next meeting my friend, maybe next time you won't be so lucky...


Z said...

Tell the little fella that you are going to charge him rent!!!

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ said...

Come to think of it..the little fella and his descendants probably lived there before you guys. He's probably Native American, a bit disappointed. My brotherly love suggestion? Cook the little fella a farewell dish, trust me he'll leave you alone. Let me help you out. see below.

Calabacitas (Skillet Squash)

5 cubed small summer squash
1 diced large onion
2 roasted peeled green chiles or about 1 small can diced green chile
1 tablespoon shortening or oil
3/4 cup shredded longhorn cheese

Sauté onion in shortening or oil until soft. Add squash and stir until almost tender. Add chiles; simmer briefly. Sprinkle on cheese and stir until melted.

Jade said...

Oh my god. :(