Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yesterday's mystery revealed

I went to see Martha!

Joy Behar (Why: New book)
Crafts: Decoupage Halloween Face Masks and Glow in the dark Funkins
Cooking: Pastry Chef Pichet Ong
Audience Giveaways: A copy of The Sweet Spot Asian inspired Desserts, Joy Behar's When You Need a Lift and a $40 Funkins gift certificate

It was great! Second row! I had so much fun - my hands hurt from clapping and I think I got a headache from all the "woooooo-ing".

At first we weren't so excited about Joy, but she turned out to be a pretty funny guest. As for the queen of craft - she seemed a little disconnected from the audience. Off-camera she didn't really pay much attention to the audience (minus the Q&A segment). She claimed to be having a "bad day" and a cold so I'm not sure if it was just an off day or if the rumors about her are actually true. Since I'm a big fan - I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and will make a final assessment after I see one more taping!

Joey was the best - the man had so much energy, like 5 cans of Red Bull worth. For those of you who don't watch the show, Joey is in charge of getting the studio audience pumped up for the show. When you hear clapping, you can bet that Joey just signaled the audience to clap. Or if you hear "MMmmmmm" - that means Joey just rubbed his stomach, signaling the audience to MMmmmm. The guy seemed genuinely jolly and seemed to really enjoy his job. He was running around tossing freebies all hour long. Karen was lucky enough to get her hands on one of them. It was pretty funny, the lady next to her tried grabbing it from her and Joey saved the day and gave the lady a prize of her own. Although I think a cat fight over a Melita coffee filter pack would've made the Martha Stewart Show experience ten times more memorable.

I can't wait to go again - Karen hurry up and get some tickets!

Unfortunately my question wasn't chosen, but I guess I can always be picked to be the live caller one day! There was a stack of cookies in the waiting room!

It was pretty simple to get tickets, so if you're in town or plan to be in town go sign up for tickets.


Tom said...

sounds fun. At some point during taping, did the echo voice in your head whisper something like, "hmmm, i wonder if Martha could use me in this show..?" if yes, why don't you apply as an intern. I think you might enjoy it - no pressure, you wouldn't do it for the money but pure passion/experience.

MJ said...

Is it true that her show is being cancelled...rumor i heard from co-workers.....

Marichelle said...

Oh I hope not!