Friday, October 26, 2007

Vote for your favorite room

I wrote about Domino's giveaway a while ago and now it's time to vote. Vote for your favorite and be automatically entered to WIN A SPA TRIP FOR 2! Be sure to vote by November 15.

I just casted my vote - I voted for Catherine's (from Mill Valley, CA) master bedroom. They're all great and I could've spent all day going back and forth so I decided to choose the first one that "spoke" to me.


Tom said...

Can you believe I'm actually loving this weather. It's probably because I can finally wear my billed knit hats. The only style that doesn't look like a pyramid on this head.


You crack me up! I'm sure you won't be saying that in 2 months time when the chicago-chap-my-lips wind is in full force! Enjoy Fall while you can!!