Friday, September 28, 2007

Feng Shui? Why not?

Happy Friday!

I recently read a Feng Shui article in the current issue of Domino that got me thinking...

So I went to my local library hoping to borrow a couple of books about it. Unfortunately, the library was all out of feng shui go figure! So I had to rely on the good old internet for this one.

I never gave it much thought before, but having a clean and organized apartment brings so much joy to my heart. There's nothing like seeing an empty dish rack, hair/soot free tub, tomato sauce free stove top, and a desk free of annoying catalogs and junk mail. So can rearranging furniture and strategically placing mirrors here and there really bring more harmony to the home?

So I began by drawing up a simple floorplan of Lifeflix HQ. I then referenced the 8-point feng shui grid to figure out where the 8 key segments were located. You see, feng shui divides your home into 8 segments, representing the key sectors of our lives. Match up the front door on the map with your own front door to see where the 8 sectors fall in your own home.

It's comforting to know that my LOVE sector is represented by the entertainment zone. No wonder my relationships have been going so well, there's nothing like a new shiny iMac to spruce things up in the love department!

It also looks like the kitchen represents the FRIENDS sector, not bad - since the kitchen is usually full of life during the afternoons but always gets a nice clean scrub down at night.

What worries me most is the fact that the bathroom represents MONEY. Or maybe the fact that there's no sink in there works in my favor. Less drainage?

There's obviously more to it that this but I think it's a good place to start if you're interested in feng shui-ing. The whole thing is fascinating, does it work? I'm not sure but as I always say - if you're not harming anybody else, whatever works for you!

- Do you have junk under the bed? Bad news - accumulated junk weights you down and the hidden piles block the engery flow through the home.

- Get rid of cracked or chipped vases and old flowers. Dead flowers (including dried flowers) and broken containers is bad for wealth.

- Fragrance is one of the many “cures” of Feng Shui. If something isn’t quite right or needs to be activated, fragrance is a wonderful possibility. If you have a romantic corner where you go in the evening to sip wine together, why not assist the experience with the deep aroma of Midnight Madness Petunias draping from a hanging basket. Perhaps a potted Heliotrope nearby would be pleasant. And who could deny the lovely smell of roses in a bed below. If the breezes are just right, that fragrance will be there to enhance the romance.

- So if you’ve been bickering lately, it’s not ALL your fault. But what can we do? From a Feng Shui perspective, the Love sector, far right, is about communication in any relationship. So where ever you are when communication breaks down, suggest that the conversation be moved. Find a place where you will be in the far right sectors where both of you can see the door. And of course, that’s an ideal seating for a romantic dinner out.

- Your Desk: Whether you are composing music at your writing desk in the den looking out at the river in the back yard or planning business strategies on the twenty-seventh floor overlooking Central Park, your desk is your creative station. First and foremost, it should be in a position of power. This means that it should be kitty corner from the door facing out so that you can have a full view of anyone entering. If you must sit looking at a wall or out a window with your back to the door, PLEASE position a mirror so that you can see movement.

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mj said...

I cannot stand clutter even at work! I've also trained the little ones to go after their clutter...i.e. toys!! BTW, your bathroom=money... i get it!! I've heard in franchising, a clean restroom brings revenue. So there you go!! clean = $$$$

Tom said...

I think wisdom should be in the bathroom to be quite frank. Hillsy and Apple spend way too much time in there.

Karen said...

hmmm..if i'm doing mine correctly, "friends" is in my kitchen, "children/creativity/love" are in my family room, "wisdom/family/health" is in my living room/music room, "career" is in my dining room, "money" in in my garage/playroom and "fame" is in my BATHROOM!!!! what duh?!?!!

Hillsy said...

Tom said...

"I think wisdom should be in the bathroom to be quite frank. Hillsy and Apple spend way too much time in there."

It was the only place to escape the sight of a Fillipino Flashdancer attempting to perform a meringue across my living room floor while wrapped in a Bob Marley, Jamaican belt.....

Tom said...

nice. got my ab workout for the day.

Jancy said...


m glad u worked out the fengshui arrangements. Fengshui helped me a lot when I was down and now everthing seem to be on the up up side!


jancy, I should really get rid of the rain boots sitting outside my doorway. Right?

Jancy said...

In fengshui the main door to the house is always the most important and is also the first in our priority list when we go to audit a site. In the chinese saying, your house is like your body and the main door represents your mouth, so what you eat is what you are, what you say will determine what you get! :) Yes, Marichelle, you should keep your doorway clear of clutter and make sure nothing is blocking it. Note:- if standing in front at the center of your main door facing outside, if a tree or pole is directly in front of your door this means poison arrow pointing to your main door and is not good. Thanks for your question and I hope my answer has assist you.


thanks for clearing that up Jancy!