Monday, August 27, 2007

Zum Schneider Sundays

So I crashed another Sunday at the "Church" (Zum Schneider) with the guys (Hillsy and Kayhan). I finally had the famous Pork Shank special and boy was it worth the $22! It reminds me of Filipino Lechon - roasted pork on a spit. It's my new favorite weekend meal, along with a pint of Radler.

We tried sweet talking the staff for the pork recipe but no go, I'll have to try this out on my own and hope for the best.

Pork Shank Special $22: roast pork shank in dark beer gravy w/ potato dumpling

Kayhan had the Strammer Max $7 (open sandwich w/ ham, melted Swiss cheese
& two sunny side up eggs), I guess it's the German version of a Croque Madame.

We also had the Apfelküchle (Apple Fritter)$7: Homemade apple fritters w/ vanilla sauce & vanilla ice cream - another winner.

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